Common questions: What personal information should I exclude from my resume?

There is no need to include the following personal details on your resume unless explicitly asked for.

·        Age

·        Gender/ Sex

·        Nationality

·        Marital Status

·        Religious beliefs

The key reason for this is to avoid any bias or discrimination from the employer on the above grounds.  Ask yourself the following question before you add any personal information:

Does including this information support my skills and qualifications for the role?

If the answer is no, then the information doesn’t belong in your resume.

Examples of situations where you would include personal details are:

·        Application for a role in a Christian institution. This would require you to state your religious beliefs.

·        A role that requires you to drive around. This would require someone over the legal driving age who holds a full license.

 Attempt the case study below to test your understanding. 

Case Study: Ashley is applying for a leadership role in a Human Resources Division of a firm. He has not stated his gender/sexual orientation in his resume. All the leaders in the division are women. Would Ashley stating his gender have helped in this scenario? Why or why not?